What we do

Al-Terra provides a comprehensive offering of civil engineering, planning, and landscape architecture services for our public and private sector clients.

Transportation Engineering

From the design of interchanges to the rehabilitation of existing roads, Al-Terra is uncompromising in our commitment to keep people and products moving forward safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our integrated service approach includes a full-service technical design of highways, urban and rural roadways, interchanges and intersections, as well as all related tasks such as utility crossings, traffic signals, signage and pavement markings. Where necessary, we round out our team with specialized sub-consultants for geotechnical, structural, environmental, and land acquisition services.

Municipal Engineering

Al-Terra provides municipalities with a complete suite of project-specific services. Examples include traffic calming measures, intersection improvements, signal modification, pavement design, sidewalk and trail connections, snow and salt storage, and utility servicing strategies. We can assist with utility servicing and renewal strategies including Low Impact Development (LID). Where required, Al-Terra partners with other consultants to provide public engagement, landscaping, power, streetlighting and geotechnical services.

Land Development

Al-Terra partners with land developers to create thriving communities through residential, commercial and industrial development projects. Our integrated planning, engineering and landscape services can be tailored to each client’s needs. From early subdivision planning through to detailed design, Al-Terra provides full engineering services and manages all aspects of the submissions through to approval. Our services include Area Structure Plans, Neighbourhood Design Reports, as well as subdivision and rezoning applications. Our involvement extends to resident engineering, construction management and post-construction services.

Water Resource Engineering

Al-Terra provides comprehensive water resource engineering solutions for public and private sector clients. This includes but is not limited to the design and rehabilitation of utility and stormwater management infrastructure and site infrastructure, drainage analysis, erosion and sediment control planning and design, watercourse crossing design, flood plain delineation and mapping, water network modeling, and low impact development (LID) design and quality control (i.e. hydraulic conductivity testing). Our goal is to ensure safe, sustainable, low impact solutions around water management that facilitates growth and redevelopment.


Al-Terra has the experience knowledge and foresight that is essential to long-term planning. Our transportation planning services include traffic impact assessments, safety assessments and concept plans for freeways, interchanges, arterial roadways and rural highways – based on traffic projections and anticipated growth. Our land planning services encompass development applications, preliminary design, land use bylaw and zoning, subdivision design, public engagement, and the creation of urban design guidelines.

Urban Renewal

As cities and towns age, it is imperative that the infrastructure maintains its integrity, serves its purpose and is adapted to meet the needs of a modern community. Al-Terra brings extensive experience in the assessment, planning and design required to revitalize established neighbourhoods and transportation corridors – and bring them in line with current standards. Through public engagement, we work with the community to ensure their wants, needs and priorities are reflected.

Landscape Architecture

With a collaborative approach to the planning and design of the land, Al-Terra and their partner EDA Planning + Urban Design, have extensive experience in urban master planning and design, parks and open space development, landscape interventions and site specific design in the public realm. Our landscape architects and urban designers work with or represent all those involved; our clients, the community and the environment on an appropriate level of development, for any given project.

Site Development

Al-Terra lays the groundwork for a successful project through a comprehensive approach to site development. Our project portfolio spans residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, and institutional site development. Al-Terra provides topographic and construction surveys, and coordinates quality control testing. Whether it is drainage and lot grading design, deep utilities design, surface improvements, stormwater management or offsite utility and site access design, Al-Terra takes care to ensure the site and all related infrastructure is fully aligned with the project needs.