June 26, 2024
Al-Terra is pleased to announce the acquisition of Edmonton-based Marker Geomatics Inc.

“We’re excited to expand our in-house expertise and offer these services throughout Alberta and the Capital region,” said Sheldon Hudson, P. Eng., MBA, President and CEO of Al-Terra. “This move allows us to provide geomatics services based out of both Edmonton and Calgary,” adds Hudson. “We have worked with Cody Moser and the Marker team on a variety of projects and are pleased to welcome them to Al‑Terra.”

Marker Geomatics was founded by Cody Moser, P.Eng. A.L.S. C.L.S., in 2014 and added a Saskatchewan presence in 2018 with the addition of Carlo Monette, P. Surv. S.L.S C.L.S. Marker specializes in land survey and data collection using the latest technologies and techniques. Moser states, “Marker is thrilled to become a part of Al-Terra. Our expertise in geospatial data analysis and surveying expertly compliments Al-Terra’s strong foundation in civil engineering, planning, and landscape architecture. By joining forces with Al-Terra’s geomatics group in Calgary, our staff can contribute their expertise in construction, land development, and oil and gas surveys to a wider area across Alberta.”

Marker will continue to serve their clients as Marker Geomatics as we work to transition the operations to Al-Terra over the balance of 2024.

“Cody and his team share an alignment of values with Al-Terra. We are confident that they will seamlessly integrate with our cross-collaborative environment working toward achieving Al-Terra’s mission of getting people where they want to go, and creating places where they want to be,” said Hudson. “We look forward to continuing to offer exceptional service to our clients and the communities we serve.”

About Al-Terra

Al-Terra is an Alberta-based engineering, landscape architecture, and geomatics firm that specializes in getting people where they need to go, and creating places where they want to be. Our 100+ staff provide comprehensive engineering and consulting services to a diverse range of clients including municipalities, government agencies and private developers. Since 1976, we have provided highly trained, engaged staff who act as trusted partners in our clients’ projects while cultivating strong relationships with the people and communities we serve.

For more information visit al-terra.com.

About Marker

Marker Geomatics is a Professional Land Survey company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Specializing in construction, land development and oil and gas surveys, Marker aims to deliver optimal site layout and data collection for smoother projects and increased efficiency by using the latest in survey technology.

For more information visit markergeomaticsinc.com or al-terra.com.

Media contact

Sheldon Hudson, P.Eng., MBA, President & CEO
Al-Terra Geomatics Ltd., a member of the Al-Terra group of companies